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Monumental Documentary Work from Colgate University

During my senior year at Colgate University, two other students and I produced this short film for our class, "Narrative in the New Media." The film focuses on a still controversial topic on Colgate's hilly campus. Since 1930, graduating students at Colgate have participated in a tradition known as Torchlight. The night prior to their commencement ceremony, the entire senior class marches down the Colgate's infamous hill while holding a torch and wearing their black graduation robes. 

Though a praised ceremony, Torchlight has become the epicenter for controversy on among the Colgate community. Many alumni and graduating seniors expressed concern that though there are no official ties, Torchlight resembles many aspects of the traditional Ku Klux Klan, or KKK, hate marches and rallies. Many in the Colgate community have called for alterations, and even the elimination of the traditional ceremony. 

My film partners and I decided to create a brief documentary illustrating the history of the Torchlight ceremony, the controversy and the sentiments of students and faculty on Colgate University's campus. We used programs such as Final Cut Pro X and iMovie. Please enjoy the 10-minute film below!